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AI-Assisted Grading: Empowering Teachers to Focus on Student Growth

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AI Grading Tool Beta Release

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Our AI grading tool is based on a proprietary algorithm that combines the stregth of OpenAI's GPT system with a systematic process to develop robust grades that are fair and representative.

The tool makes it possible to grade anything from two to a thousand essays in a matter of minutes, based on your grading rubric, and regardless of essay length.

Benefits of AI-Assisted Grading

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to become an integral part of modern education. With the introduction of AI-assisted grading systems, instructors will be able to focus on providing quality feedback, while also being more fair and consistent. The aim is not aim to replace teachers but instead to provide them wit tools to focus on what truly matters: nurturing and developing the individual growth of each student.

Consistency and Objectivity: Any teacher who has spent their weekend (yes...) grading a series of essays knows that by the end it is hard to maintain a fair comparison with the beginning, requiring additional work to unify the grades. AI grading systems use advanced algorithms to help teachers assess student work with consistent criteria, eliminating potential bias and human error. This ensures that every student is evaluated fairly and accurately, promoting a more equitable learning environment.

Real-time Feedback: With AI-assisted grading, students can receive immediate feedback on their performance, enabling them to address weaknesses, refine their skills, and learn from their mistakes. This instant feedback fosters a growth mindset and motivates students to continually improve.

Time Efficiency: AI-assisted grading can reduce the time teachers spend on evaluating assignments, tests, and quizzes. By automating the grading process, teachers have more time to prepare engaging lessons and provide personalized feedback, leading to improved student performance and overall growth.

Data-driven Insights: AI grading tools can collect and analyze large amounts of data, providing valuable insights into student performance trends. Teachers can use this data to identify areas where students may be struggling and adjust their teaching strategies to better support each student's individual learning needs.

Flexibility: AI-assisted grading systems can be adapted to a wide range of subjects and assessment formats, including essays, multiple-choice tests, and short answer questions. This versatility allows instructors to implement AI grading in various classroom settings, further enhancing its potential impact on student success.


AI-assisted grading systems enhance teachers' role as educators. By streamlining the grading process and providing valuable insights into student performance, AI empowers teachers to focus on the most important aspect of their work: finding how to engage each student in the way that best encourages his or her learning path.